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I started playing the ukulele in Summer 2013. My main interest is classical ukulele, particularly the campanella style of playing as advocated by John King. There are some excellent books on the market. John King's, The Classical Ukulele, and Tony Mizen's books, The Baroque Ukulele and From Lute to Uke, have some great arrangements. Colin Tribe also has some excellent material, including his VCM exam syllabus

Even with all this  excellent music available I wanted some material specifically designed toward developing my right hand technique - which I felt needed to modified for the ukulele. So I turned to some of the studies I use with guitar students.  I started playing simple studies by Sor, Carcassi, Tarrega, Guiliani and Carulli on the ukulele. 

These pieces worked so well I was encouraged by friends and students to share the arrangements with other ukulele players. I tried some free tab software progammes but wasn’t happy with the results. Eventually I splashed out and bought Sibelius 7. This enabled me to create professional looking sheet music in notation and easy to read ukulele tab complete with fingerings, dynamic markings and, where appropriate, chord boxes. My friends encouraged me to approach a publisher in America. The reply was, "maybe next year." I didn't want to wait and see if "maybe" would become something more positive so I decided to take the plunge and create my own series of ebooks. I called it, The Little Book Series for Ukulele. The first booklet was a set of 6 Carulli arrangements complete with study notes and detailed right hand fingerings. The pieces are in easy to read ukulele tab and notated for gCEA tuning (please note the hi-g) and each piece has a separate right hand fingering map to help students develop good technique and tone. I believe it is essential for guitarists and ukulele players to work on the right hand independently from the left hand and this is why I created separate right hand finger maps for each piece.


I have now arranged 10 ebooks of pieces for ukulele including one right hand tutor. 

The booklets are £7.50 each and available to purchase through Gumroad and Payhip.

Please note: The Beauty of Uke Music Book is £10

To find about more about the individual booklets and to purchase please click on the links below:

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1. The Little Book of Carulli arranged for Ukulele

Little Book of Carulli SS

2.The Little Book of Sor arranged for Ukulele

Little Book of Sor SS

3.The Little Book of Carcassi arranged for Ukulele

Carcassi SS

4.The Little Book of Songs and Sea Shanties Revised Edition

ScreenShot Songs and Sea Shanties

5.The Little Book of Giuliani arranged for Ukulele

Giuliani Screenshot

6. The Little Book of Christmas Songs arranged for Ukulele

Christmas Songs

7.The Little Book of Right Hand Technique for Ukulele

Art of Arpeggios Screenshot

8.The Little Book of Irish Tunes arranged for Ukulele

Version 1: Book only


Version 2: Book plus access to video tutorials on all the pieces. 


9. The Beauty of Uke Music Book

24 classical and traditional arrangements from The Beauty of Uke CD. Includes pieces by Bach, Sor, Tarrega, Carulli, Carcassi, Giuliani and Aguado plus traditional tunes including El Noi de la Mare and the Shenandoah Medley. For intermediate and advanced players. While some of the pieces are from The Little Book of… Series there are 14 previously unpublished pieces. Price £10. For more information click here.

Beauty of Uke Cover

10. The Little Book of Christmas Songs Book 2

Cover Xmas Songs 2

11. The Little Book of Carulli Volume 2

Owing to popularity of The Little Book of Carulli I have now released a 2nd book of Carulli arrangements comprising 8 pieces in easy to read TAB and notation. For hi-g C E A tuning. Price is £7.50. Available only as a PDF download. Click for more information.

The Littel Book of Carulli Volume 2

Scottish Folk Tunes for Ukulele arranged by Samantha Muir, 

published by Schott

35 Arrangements of traditional tunes for g C E A tuning in notation and tab with chord boxes. The book comes with a CD of all the tunes. Please note: this is a printed book not a download.

Scottish Folk Tunes

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