The Little Book of Carulli Volume 2

The Littel Book of Carulli Volume 2

Given the popularity of The Little Book of Carulli (which was my 1st ebook) I have now released Volume 2. There are 8 pieces in this volume arranged forhi-g C E A tuning in TAB and notation. The TAB also works for D6 tuning. I have made a few changes since volume 1. Volume 2 has a new improved format for better printing quality and improved viewing if you are using an iPod or tablet. I have not included right hand fingering maps as I think 4 ebooks is sufficient. Instead I have included 2 extra pieces. 

I am currently working on uploading all of the pieces to Youtube and will embed the videos here as they become available. Please check back from time to time for updates and please refresh your browser to ensure the most up to date information. 

Thanks for your support! 

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Andante (page 8)

Andantino (page 11)

Polonaise (page 19)

Allegretto (page 13)

Grazioso (page 17)

Andante Grazioso (page 15) 

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