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Rounds and Canons

Ukulele groups all over the world have been strumming and singing for a number of years. There is a growing interest in extending the ukulele repertoire and standard of playing. A great way to improve musical skills while having fun is to play rounds and canons. There are many familiar melodies which can be arranged for ukulele. Frere Jaques and Londons Burning are two examples of simple, well known tunes. The tunes are easy enough to learn. But playing Frere Jaques as a three part round is not quite as easy! Focusing on your own part while being aware of the other parts - ie, keeping in time - is a challenge for many. 

On this page you will find arrangements of rounds and canons for two, three and/or four ukuleles. Please note: if you have a large group you can easily divide your group to have an equal number of people playing each part. 

To play Frere Jaques as a 2 or 3 round:

Ukulele 1 starts…

Ukulele 2 starts 2 bars later…

Ukulele 3 starts 2 bars after ukulele 2…(or 4 bars after ukulele 1).

Repeat the piece 2 or 3 times.

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It is quite a simple formula which can be applied to many tunes. 

Dona Nobis Pacem arranged for 2 or 3 ukuleles

Can be played as a 2 or 3 part round. The arrangement are written out in full (using Sibelius 7) with both notation and tab, score and individual parts. Here is a sample from the full score of Dona Nobis Pacem. If playing as a 3 part round dont play the chords! The chords work as just melody (part 1) with accompaniment. I included them to give players more options - duet (melody and chords or 2 part round) or trio (3 part round).

DNP Sampla

The booklet is 11 pages including full score and individual parts in tab and notation. 

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